Foothill Rd Residents still angry

Recently a letter was written to the editor about the dire plight of the residents of Foothill Rd.   Here is the link

The Readington Twp committee seems to continue to ignore the residents of Foothill Rd.  This is a road that school buses refuse to travel on during bad weather.

Years ago Township officials were asked to fix the road.  Mayor Allen at the time said that it would take a bond to do it and that perhaps tar and chip would be a better idea because the money could come from the road budget.

Then a year later, the residents asked about tar and chipping.  The same mayor said that tar and chip would come from a limited road budget and it would be better to bond it for paving.

Talk about the runaround.

But to make matters worse, at the end of 2014 we had a big road surplus in our budget.  What did we do with that money?   We moved it and the police surplus over to legal to pay our outstanding bills.


We never have enough money to fix our roads but we have plenty of money for endless lawsuits.

2 thoughts on “Foothill Rd Residents still angry

  1. Thank you Dennis..
    If anyone has any comments/questions regarding Foothill Road I would suggest you visit the below facebook page which should just about summarize all the complaints for the past 6 years regarding Foothill Road.

    Folks, there is something going on here and it just does not seem ethical or moral. It may be time to drain the Readington swamp.


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