Quick Chek in Readington

Not so long ago Quick Chek had plans to build a new gas station over in Bridgewater on the Eastbound side of Rt 22.  A group called “Bridgewater Residents United” fought the plan and in essence forced them to make a large number of concessions through their BOA.  Quick Chek decided earlier this year to drop the plan.

Lately, if you’ve driven down Main Street Whitehouse Station or down Rt 22 you might have noticed that there are some signs saying “No Quick Chek in Readington”.  It appears Quick Chek wants to now build on the Eastbound side of Rt 22 at County Line Rd.

So far the signs appear only on the property of gas stations (Mobil on Main St and the Gulf on Rt 22) but I expect that we will see more of this.   If people were “horrified” when the Walgreens was being built I can only imagine how upset they will be over a gas station and convenience store.

It would be a bit ironic if Readington decided to fight Quick Chek.  After all, their Corporate HQ is here in Whitehouse Station on Old Hwy 28 and also the balloon festival is sponsored by Quick Chek.   I guess we welcome their corporate offices but not the business they run.

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