Lawsuit: Trentonian v. Readington Twp

Recently (October 17), Readington had on their Executive Session agenda a line item about a lawsuit from The Trentonian Newspaper.  I had not heard about this at all so I OPRA’ed the township for any court filings and/or letters from the Plaintiff’s attorneys.

In summary, this case pertains to the arrest of a Scotch Plains police officer by a Readington police officer late one night back on August 26.  She attempted to elude the Readington police officer and she crashed her car into a guard rail.   The Readington Police officer had a dash cam active and the Trentonian newspaper filed an OPRA request for the video.

Generally speaking, dash cam video is normally provided when requested even while the case is ongoing but Readington denied the video to the Trentonian because the County Prosecutor, Anthony Kearns, said the video was a criminal investigatory record and thus not  subject to disclosure under OPRA.

Below is the link to the court filing (searchable PDF) and correspondence from the Plaintiff’s attorney.

Link: trentonian-v-readington

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